About Us

SIAM KYODO CO., LTD. or SK is a subsidiary of Kyodo Gomu Kohan Co., Ltd. We’re the manufactures of rubber parts use in the automotive industry.

SIAM KYODO was established on 28 January, 2011 with the capital of 35 millions Baht. Its plant is located at 304 Industrial park Estate in Prachiburi Province on area of 14 Rai or 23,142 sqm. Office Area : 200 sqm. Production Area : Phrase 1 : 2,700 sqm. Manpower : Expect 50 person. In nearly future , we expect do expand the manufacturing to phrase 2 and 3 to support our local and oversea market.

We are the manufacturing under BOI (Board of Investment) privilege and we’re using our know-how technology from Japan ( Head quarter ). During the past 40 years of our head quarter has undertaken continuous research and development into its full range of rubber products in order to respond effectively to the needs of Japanese Market. Therefore its our strength with systematic and information Technology to perform and fulfill our client needs in Thailand market also.

At present, the company on the process of applying the international quality system certificate both in ISO9001:2011 and in the ISO 14001 within Year 2013.